Smart Queue Management System

We help companies make their clients happier.
  • Truly Centralised Management
    From a small company to a large enterprise with multiple branches. You get better accessibility for your services and your customers get improved servicing quality. All thanks to truly centralised management of BinaryQ®.
  • Dashboard and Analytics
    Dashboard functionality specifically crafted for on-the-spot assessment of the current situation in the branches allows your management taking efficient decisions. Take control.
  • Visual Communication
    Digital Signage functionality allows displaying visual data on the displays. Show your advertisements, important information for your customers, exchange rates, weather forecast, RSS news and more with just a few clicks. Make your own playlists and make your ideas matter!
  • Statistics
    Statistics — centralised. Detailed data on the work of operators and on serving the customers is now available online. Export reports to popular file formats or get the data integrated with your system.
  • Three Ways to Get into Queue
    Your customers can get into queue by getting a ticket in the ticket-terminal, via our free mobile app or by registering via our advance booking system integrated into your website.
  • Integration with any Restful API Systems
    For complex scenarios like customer authorisation, ticket-to-order binding, export of statistical data into BI systems — we got you covered.
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  • Customer Satisfaction Feedback
    and Questionnaires
    Get feedback from your customers!

    Collect feedback on the whole office or each operator separately.
    Analyse data by periods and compare satisfaction rate of your customers by branches.

    Questionnaires — find out what matters most to your customers.
  • Analytics of Staff Working Hours
    Analyse the working time efficiency of your employees with the help of our reports:

    • Workday start (Login)
    • Time spent serving customers
    • Time spent for internal operations (e.g. documents)
    • Total time of breaks taken
    • Workday end (Logout)
  • Mobile App — Optimise Customer Flow in your Organisation
    Thanks to our free BinaryQ® mobile app your customers can see the current load of the branch and take the ticket in advance remotely, thus saving their precious time on waiting in the live queue.
  • Digital Signage — Inform your Clients
    Built-in Digital Signage functionality allows displaying visual data on the displays. Show your advertisements, important information for your customers, exchange rates, weather forecast, RSS news and more with just a few clicks.

    Simple, without any additional cost and 3rd party solution.
  • Processing of Important Events
    Inability to offer the service or exceeded wait time — notification is immediately sent to the manager to take an efficient decision.
  • Corporate Style
    Easily match the looks of all outer interfaces to your corporate style: colours, logos, icons and fonts.
    At no extra cost.
  • Clear Cost of Ownership Without any Hidden Costs
    Rich system functionality is available for the agreed annual payment. No hidden costs. Fair play is our promise.
  • Branch Launch in 2 Hours
    System allows for super-quick deployment and launch.
    And that's not just a promise.
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Ticket Terminal
and Paper Ticket
Ticket terminal allows your customer to pick the service necessary in the language he or she understands.

If the queue exceeds the pre-set threshold limit, customer will get offered to leave his or her mobile number to get SMS notifications about the queue progress.

Ticket terminal's user interface can be easily customised according to the corporate style of your company. At no extra cost.

You can customise what has to be printed on the ticket:

  • Date and time of the ticket issue
  • Address and phone number of the branch
  • Logo
  • Estimated call time
  • Free text customisable for every service.

Desk Display
Innovative solution for desk display.
Fully fledged LED display in place of obsolete dotted LED panel.

The solution displays the following statuses to avoid confusion of your customers:

  • Open (Ready to serve)
  • Break
  • Operator busy
  • Closed
Advance Online Booking
Customer can pick the branch office, service, date and time from the time slots available.

BinaryQ® will automatically notify the customer about the upcoming booking and call time so you don't have to.

Advance booking interface is easily customisable according to your corporate style and is easy to integrate into your corporate website.
Mobile App
New possibilities for smartphone users!

Now with BinaryQ® app your customers can get into the queue remotely.

BinaryQ® mobile app allows to pick the organisation, branch office and the service required.

More to that, the app shows the current load in the branch and estimated wait/call time.

Clients will never miss their turn thanks to our push notifications.

Our app for iOS and Android devices
is completely free.

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